"Propagating Prosperity"

"Propagating Prosperity"

4 Pillars of Confidence





Physical Confidence:

Strategic Movement and physical self care, will not only improve your well being, it will also elevate your level of Physical confidence


Think of your confidence as an essential nutrient that fuels your personal growth. This empowering fuel can be manufactured by putting your physical machinery into action

Engage with your Body

Mental Confidence:

Mental Confidence Thrives within a synergistic state of Calm and Focus.


Go outside of your comfort zone,

Engage in acts of spontaneity, and build Mental Adaptation


Read and write daily. This expands your perspective,  increases Clarity and enhances Creativity

Emotional Confidence:

access calmer emotional states and gain greater awareness of your emotions


Emotional Detox – Eliminate negative influence.

uncover and refurnish emotional patterns and triggers




Spiritual Confidence:


Foster a Fearless Heart

Depend Not on external circumstances for fullness. Trust your inherent Goodness


Know what you believe

• Master your emotions


• Remain calm, focused and thorough at all times


• Instantaneous confidence and motivation


•  Expand your presence in business situations. Remain self assured during critical negotiations

• Use language with greater precision for Clearly


•Articulate your views and ideas with pinpoint focus. Create compelling and persuasive Dialogs.


• Transform unwanted behavior in yourself and others - Manage tribes/teams more effectively.


• Motivate and inspire your tribe everyday.

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